Why I Fell Back On Creating Waistbeads??

Why I stopped making waistbeads at one point?

An elder taught me the traditional meaning of waistbeads. I was told that, waistbeads are sacred jewelry blessed upon a woman, or child, once they start their menstrual cycle or once they embark on a new spiritual journey.

Yes, some tribes use them to call men.

Yes, some tribes use them as weight watchers. Meaning you’ll get a waistbead adjusted to your stomach, not waist, then as you workout, the beads will drop to the waist, showing you that you’ve lost weight!

What I was taught is that, waistbeads are very, very sacred. They’re not meant to be shown off to the world, attracting unwanted sexual energy. They’re not meant to be seen by a man unless he is truly divine and the partner you choose to share your sacred energy with.

They’re not meant to be removed.

It’s a permanent bond you create with your wombmanhood. Your Goddess self. If a waistbead breaks, that means there’s a message that you needed to hear at. that. very. moment.

So, when waistbeads became trending, or on a brighter note, more people caught on to its' sacredness, I didn’t want to mass produce to people who are purchasing it just for a “look” or for attention. That goes against my mission. I wanted customers to come to me with their creativity, trust and faith that the powerful jewelry being made is for THEM. Not for the world. Not for every man to lust after.

I create the GoldenKuumba Waistbeads with color psychology and numerology.

I’m a BIG time numerologist so the power of numbers screams volumes to me. I also love the energy colors give off so I transfer that into a GoldenKuumba Waistbead. I use specific charms that have a deep and ancient meaning behind them as well.

I have never duplicated a waistbead. Ever. Mommy and daughters ask for matching ones but I always make sure the waistbead vibrates it’s own tone when blessed upon someone.

I say all that to say, Yes! I’m back creating the GoldenKuumba Waistbeads!

I feel the collective getting back to their true divine selves and charging their powers within. I completely understand I can not control how each customer wants to rock her jewels, but I do know, that I’ll attract women, Goddesses, who want to embrace their sacred Goddess energy while feeling great about their body!

Customize your sacred GoldenKuumba Waistbeads here:


Charge up that Sacral Chakra honey!!!

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