Herb'N Eden - Holy Soaps!!

Herb'N Eden

Herb’N Eden has saved my face!!!

Herb’N Eden is a black-owned, couple-owned, all natural plant-based body care company. All products are handcrafted WITH LOVE to maintain healthy skin.

They create:

Facial Wash

Body Wash

Bar Soaps

Body Butter

Herbal Salves

Herbal Toners

And even clay masks!

You can also grab some accessories for your products like a natural washcloth, soap dishes and sponges!

How I met them?

Vending right next to them at the Lithonia Farmers Market back in 2016! I remember how prompt they were and how focused they are on their mission to provide natural skin care products! Since then, I’ve been a huge supporter!

When I tell y’all Herb’N Eden saved my face! I’m not kidding! I wish I had before and after pictures! My friends and family know how insecure I was about my dark spots and random acne.


but when I gave my face a break and went back to what I knew worked for me, which is Herb’N Eden, I instantly saw results!

Terran Lewis, the co-owner, is not only sweet and bubbly, she know wtf she’s talking about! I’m telling you, I gave up hope. But once I saw her video "Facial Kit Tutorial" and felt how much confidence she has with her knowledge of natural medicine, I was SOLD! Literally didn’t even finish the video, I went straight to checkout!!

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Herb'N Eden

You deserve glowing skin!

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