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Harambee House of Wellness is an upcoming wellness center, whose partners, and practitioners are all professionals in the holistic wellness field. They are combining efforts to offer several holistic wellness services under one roof.


“To address the whole person; mind, etheric, body and spirit, contributing to healthier people, family, communities and world. We have an overall goal to create a sustainable community for the benefit of us all.

Mission Statement

The mission of Harambee House of Wellness is to pull families and communities together in Sacred Union, to assist and encourage healing, sustainability, oneness, enlightenment, and overall whole-self wellness by offering a plethora of alternative healing techniques and supportive resources for the community.

"Where Spirit Meets Community"

Services we offer:

-Reiki / Energy healing


-Chakra / Aura Flushes

-Intuitive Card Readings

-Life Coaching

-Yoni Steams

-Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

-Sacred Circles

-Entity Removal

-House Clearings



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Shanika Purnell, ORDM, RM, CLC, (President/CEO) "SunshyneThaDevine"

Sunshyne is Certified in the following modalities:

-Life Coach​

-Reiki Master and Energy Pactitioner (Trained by Master Teacher Kiel Aman of UNI Verse Soul)

-Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner


-Past Life Regression


-Naturopathic Nutrition Coach

-Yoni Steam Practitioner (Certified through Ifátóóké Olósundé Ajàlá of Yoni Steam Institute™)

-Womb Yoga Instuctor (Trained by Master Yogi Sanovia Muhammad)

-Ordained Spiritual Minister

-Theta Healing™ DNA Practitioner (Trained by Advanced Theta Healing Instuctor Claudia Lanigan)

She is also an Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Consultant, Sound Healer, Homeschooling Consultant, Educator, Founder of HHOW Homeschool Connection, (a homeschooling community in Gwinnett County), Spoken Word Artist and is currently studying for her herbalism certification under Dr. Akua Gray.

Sunshyne is a Community Advocate and is passionate about helping guide and awaken others to their full potential. She brings her positivity, natural leadership skills and an intense look at the inner self to others. She supports people in being well, fulfilled and vibrantly alive. As a natural born Empath, she combines firm honesty with immense compassion when providing any service.

Felecia Ife Wilson, RM (Chief Managing Officer) Felecia Ife Wilson, originally from Louisiana. She has lived in the Atlanta area for almost 25 years. She is the mother of 4 girls, ages 21, 18, 13 and 10. She is an entrepreneur. For the last 12 years Ife has been self- employed as family day care provider in her home. This allows her the opportunity to do what she loves which is to serve others. She is a certified Reiki Master and working towards Law of Attraction Coach. Ife's future plans include becoming a Yoni Steam Practitioner and a Life Coach. Being a part of Harambee grants her the opportunity to do what she believes is her soul’s purpose which is to serve women and their families.

Iya Aswad , CYT, RP, NP (Resources & Community Outreach Coordinator)

She is Certified in the following modalities: -Reiki Practitioner and Energy Pactitioner (Trained by Master Teacher Kiel Aman of UNI Verse Soul) -Naturopathic Practitioner (Master herbalist Akua Gray of Life of Peace Wellness Education institute) -Yoga Instructor (basu) (Aunkh Aakhu of Better Marketing Mastery ) -Youth yoga Instructor (Rana Kirkland of Udemy) Iya Aswad is a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner, and Naturopathic Practitioner. Iya's interest in holistic wellness, began in her early twenties. This led her to become a Wellness Practitioner. She's also the founder of Aswad Wellness and Iya Ireations. Iya is a wife and mother of five brilliant children, in which she homeschools. She aims for promoting and maintaining wellness through healthy eating and active lifestyle. Iya's mission is to help clients find balance: mentally, physically, spiritually, and providing them with a practice that they can demonstrate in their daily lives on and off the mat.

GoddessTea (Creative Director)

Though I am a Seattle native, my heart and childhood was birthed in Lithonia, Georgia. Moving back and forth from the West Coast to the South has opened my eye to new environments and new perspectives, so my spiritual journey may seem scattered but there’s a divine order to it! I started noticing and applying my spiritual gifts at a young age. I knew how to read people, body language and energy back in middle school. This gift has introduced me to interesting beings and protected me from harmful people as well. I’ve applied this gift ever since I’ve accepted my calling. Everyone I’ve encountered, whether friends, family or strangers, has not only been reflections to help heal the community but have also challenged my senses and applications. For that, I am forever grateful.I am now known for being everyone’s go-to for spiritual advice. The humanitarian. My fascination with the human brain has guided me to study social psychology more in depth which then in turn led me to teaching children with autism. Ironically enough, studying psychology has also guided me to innerstand interior designing on another level; how one expresses their environment externally based on how they feel internally. - Feng Shui Interior Designing, another passion of mine. Herbalism and studying natural holistic remedies to cure the body from “dis-ease” is another course in life I’m diving into. Herbal medicine is such a natural practice for me, I know it’s a part of my calling. To say the least, I am passionate about giving; giving love, giving hugs, giving advice, giving support, and, most importantly, giving healing energy. My sole purpose in life is to brighten up the world with my light, and bring happiness to everyone I connect with. Services I offer:

​-Feng Shui ‘Face Lift’ Interior Designing: With my experience in interior designing and spiritual work, I am able to rearrange any atmosphere to best fit the energetic needs of a person’s sanctuary.

​-House clearing/cleansing: If permitted, I am able to cleanse your house from any old, stagnant and/or negative energy.

​-Abstract ‘Free Yo Self’ Art Parties: I am a mobile creativity station. With art supplies on deck, I’d love to host an art party where everyone is free to paint/create any image that comes to mind.

​-Herbal teas: Name your ailment and I’ll have an herbal mixture ready to assist just that!

​-Candle making classes: Soon to come.​​

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