Yogini Ma'at - The Seer

The Goddess herself.

Gracefully blessing the camera and its viewers the pure essence of fiery feminine divinity.

Yogini Ma'at is truly an angel.

From yoga .. to her upcoming Youtube channel YOGINI MAAT .. and even being featured in the majestical realm called Sacred Space, she glows thru every platform and every being she encounters. It's like, she'll imprint a mark of wisdom on you and you won't even know it, until you know .. It.


I booked a Natal Chart Reading by Yogini not too long ago. Being such an open and free-spirit, I've encountered so many spiritual guides and mentors throughout my life. Some, unfortunately took advantage of my space, time and spirit so I was very skeptical about crawling out from under my rock and shield of spiritual "protection" aka blockage. At that time, as my cousin/bff Danielle would describe it, I meshed all my emotions into an orb .. only presenting itself when needed. When I let the sun in, Yogini tapped in and seen it all. Wound, wounds, wounded. But I felt so relieved!!! I felt like I RE-LIVED my life listening to Yogini guide me thru my planetary story from birth to rebirth. She was even able to tap into my parents' astrological way of thinking and operating, something that really matters and is a slept on topic in today's spiritual awakening wave.

"You are not just your Sun Sign."

"So I look into your natal chart and I'm able to see exactly where the planets stars and asteroids positioned the moment you were born. This is basically the blueprint of your internal self and it lets me know what your gifts are and where your internal struggles are (areas to master within yourself) I'm able to also see what gifts you brought with you from your past life and what your Soul purpose is in this life. It's great because it gives you a lot of insight on yourself and the direction you should move towards as everyone has their own soul destiny"

-Yogini Ma'at

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Yogini Ma'at

"Wingardium LeviOsa" - The Levitation Spell from Harry Potter: The Sorcerer's Stone aka the Philosopher's Stone

(I'm a huge Harry Potter fan)