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How beautiful is it that couples are inviting their entrepreneurial side to the dinner table? I mean, it makes sense tho, right? Like "hey babe, we work so well together as two separate beings merging into one .. we might as well run our own businesses and build an empire!"

I truly admire these two!

MY SISTAR JAS! OMG, WHERE DO I BEGIN?! She is just such a wonderful spirit! Every. Single. Time I rock her loc accessories or light a quick fix of Palo Santo, someone asks "where did you get that from!!?" With a giant, proud full smile .. I say, in the sweetest tone ever, "my sis Jas" then I jump into full promo mode .. *pulls phone out* "check out her Etsy shop @NeferByJas .. her Instagram is under the same name, @NeferByJas. She also styles hair with the loc accessories on her new hair care page @CrownCareByJas." The joy literally amplifies in others' eyes when they connect with Jas. Her hands are blessed with uniqueness and love! You'll feel the energy from everything she creates.

Waistbeads, Lavender Sage Bundles, Loc Jewelry, Copper rings, chokers and pendants, this Goddess does it all! She even sells crystals and Abalone Shells which help catch smudge droppings while cleansing your aura. You'll definitely get a great spiritual bundle fitted for your healing journey.

Big brother Saiah! You know how they say the quiet ones have the most vibrant minds ..? (I def just made that up) Anyways, @FreeHandBySaiah for sure fits that realm of mystery and prophetic vibes! When I first met him, he was quiet as a mouse! (probably because Jas & I run a mile a minute with our mouths when we link) but seriously, I knew this man was plotting on world domination....then, blossoming from the silent wind, his art rose with the sun. Feminine vibes from a Masculine perspective is a true balance of A R T! He even creates logos and cover art!! (if you look hard enough, the paintings may even blink at you .. with yo high ass!) ...did I mention he creates rolling trays too?!


"All is Within Yourself"

Send supportive and prosperous vibes to them!

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