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    These roll-on Healing Oils are a powerful brew of oils extracted from potent healing herbs. Each scent is activated by its specific herbal properties along with a divine intention. Below are more details of each scent. With every purchase, you will also receive a Healing Oil Booklet detailing the properties in depth. 


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    * The #44 is a very powerful frequency. It vibrates the powers of Patience, Stability, and Mastery.

    MYRRH, the ultimate herb of Spiritual Awareness, was used by Egyptians and Tibetans to alleviate anger and stress. It also purifies your surroundings and aids with meditation.

    Affirmation: “I AM at peace. I AM whole and balanced.”

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    * Guards Up is an effective and forceFULL Protection Oil. It ensures that all negative energies are banished while protecting and raising your spiritual self.

    LEMON, the powerful herb that cleanses, not only purifies the air, it’s also great for concentration and longevity!

    CINNAMON, valued more than gold according to Ancient China, is a potent protection spice. Also amplifies psychic powers and invites success! 

    Affirmation: “I feel stronger, more alive and energized by the moment!”



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    * This bundle of JOY is a calming anti-depressant that balances your emotions, inviting Peace and Love to your inner Being.

    VANILLA, the bean that vibrates Love, is a sweet but energetic force aiding your mental powers.

    Affirmation: “My emotions are balanced. I accept Love. I AM Love. I AM in harmony with my Self! 


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    SAFETY: Do not use if allergic to nuts or hypersensitive. Do not use if pregnant. Keep way from children and animals. Please consult with your doctor if you have any concerns or feel any side effects. This container consists of other herbs, oils and scents such as, but not limited to, Avocado/Almond Oil, Chamomile and Rose Petals. 


    Rub Healing Oils on your temples, behind your ears and your wrists to benefit from the amazing properties that be!


    Products by: GoddessTea from GoldenKuumba, LLC