GTeas - Bundle
  • GTeas - Bundle


    Get all three GTeas in one box!


    GTeas are a potent blend of loose leaf herbal teas made with 100% organic herbs. The 8oz jars are large enough to make 10-13 bags of tea.

    (biodegradable tea bags and an eco-friendly wooden spoon are included in every purchase)



    ClariTea - is a mix of potent herbs used to activate and enhance a clear mind. One sip of this GTea will bring immediate focus and clarity, in a soothing manner.


    ImmuniTea - is a mix of potent herbs used to charge up the immune system. This GTea is packed with herbs containing antioxidants and vitamins specifically for fighting the flu / relieving colds. The perfect defense against infections. 


    YoniTea - is a mix of potent herbs used to balance, cleanse and activate your vagina, aka Yoni. This GTea is perfect for relieving PMS symptoms by calming muscle spasms which causes cramps. It’s also great for fertility ;) and even postpartum care!


    Made with 100% organic herbs!


    ***Do NOT take if you are taking ANY doctor prescribed medications! If you have any questions, concerns or side effects consult with your doctor IMMEDIATELY***