Florida Water
  • Florida Water


    Florida Water is an ancient spiritual tool. It has a ton of magical properties and all are very effective. Initially used as a cologne, the sweet but citrusy scent is not only perfect for smelling good but also feeling good, spiritually.

    Here’s a ton of uses for Florida Water:


    1. Spiritual Protection: the mix of alcohol and citrus scents are great for repelling negative energy/spirits 

    2. Spiritual Cleanser: it’s ingredients are the perfect mixture for cleansing the aura, enhancing spiritual baths, and even great for cleansing the floor


    The many ways to apply it:


    -In laundry

    -Spiritual baths

    -Repels negativity

    -Cleansing an altar

    -Cleansing spiritual tools

    -In bed to ward off nightmares

    -Anoint all doors and windows of a house

    -Blessings: on yourself, others, animals and tools

    -Unblocking obstacles: verbally, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually 

    -Relieves anxiety, depression, headaches, bug bites and even fevers

    Overall spiritual purification