Customize Your WAISTBEADS
  • Customize Your WAISTBEADS


    GoldenKuumba Waist Beads are carefully handmade and composed of Color and Number psychology to help activate the energy within the Womb. Colors vibrate a specific frequency that registers in our mental to feel a certain type of emotion or spark a physiological reaction. This study is known as Color Psychology. Numbers symbolize a specific frequency value connecting you to the Universal principles. This study is known as Numerology; the study of numbers relating the symbols to ‘Divine guidance’, as our ancestors and angels drop signs through repetitive number sequences to communicate with us from the Ethereal world.


    Our waist beads are dedicated to assisting each woman with cherishing her body and establishing and nurturing a connection with herself.

    All GoldenKuumba Waist Beads are created with all natural string, energetically charged and made lots of love with the intent of staying connected to the African tradition of adorning the waist.



      GoldenKuumba Waistbeads are non-adjustable. These are traditional waistbeads meant to stay on for a long period of time. Traditional waistbeads were intended to be a spiritual piece of jewelry connecting the woman with her feminine energy. They are given to women on ceremonial times: when one starts her menstrual cycle, breaks her virginity, turns a certain age, becomes married/give birth or if she’s simply starting a new chapter in her life.


      If they break, a message needs to be relayed. Gather all the beads that have fallen and meditate on what the message could have been. Were you rushing? Are you making the right decision? Do you feel centered? Are you listening to your intuition? Etc.


      There are NO refunds for GoldenKuumba Waistbeads since they’re not only made to order but specifically designed and energetically charged for each customer. Please be very detailed with how you want your waistbeads to be customized. For example: do you want it predominantly a certain color or a mix?


      Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.