Bundle Baths (S)
  • Bundle Baths (S)


    Get ALL THREE TubTeas in one box!


    'Boosting Bathe' is a herbal bath mix that'll boost your energy and help you jumpstart the day! Because who said you should only take a bath at night!? Start your day off right with a BOOST!


    'Goddess that Rose' is a herbal bath mix that'll help activate and honor the Goddess within! Rose petals are such an aphrodisiatic and healing herb. It's properties not only include the power of Venus, sensual love, it's also used for calming the body and even spiritual protection! Self-love on 10,000!


    'Oat Soak' is a herbal bath mix specifically intended to relax the muscles. Oats + Lavender hit those inflammed and tight energetic areas to release and liberate your stress. Surrender. And breathe.


    2oz. bag

    *BIODEGRADABLE BAG* - Let's save the Earth people.




    All GoldenKuumba products are created with 100% organic dried herbs and 100% organic essential oils. Consult with your doctor if you have any concerns or side effects. DO NOT take if you are pregnant or on any doctor prescribed medications. Keep away from children and animals.