Abstractical Headband






This beautifully colored African head band, made with high quality 100% African fabric, is just what you were looking for to add some extra elegance to your unique style! African head wraps are GREAT fashion accessories! They also provide fashionable cover-ups for those "bad" hair days.

The history behind head wraps is just as intriguing! Being stripped of our culture during slavery, the Queens, turn to slaves, wore distinct cloth on their head as a 'helmet of courage'. It became the 'uniform of rebellion' within the enslaved Wombman and their descendants because the trendy patterns and vibrant colors (rooted from many African countries such as Kenya, Ghana, and Zimbabwe) signify bold and absolute resistance from cultural slavery. True African pride. Head wraps are to be highly cherished and seen as crowns to an Empress.


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Peace + Blessings


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