Healing Essentials

Feeling anxious, tired, uneasy, sad? GoldenKuumba provides an array of items that will help you calm your energy, balance your essence, and align your spirit.

Florida Water is an ancient spiritual tool. It has a ton of magical properties and all are very effective. Initially used as a cologne, the sweet but citrusy scent is not only perfect for smelling good but also feeling good, spiritually.


GoldenKuumba has a candle for any and every intention you may have, whether it be to meditate, to clear your space, or to balance your energy. Our candles are made with 100% coconut wax, essential oils + herbs and a dash of glitter to remind you that there's always light within you and around you.


Crown Oils are a combination of oils and herbs perfect for your hair aka Crown Chakra. Great for moisturizing and retwisting and its flexible with all hair textures!


Our waist beads are dedicated to assisting each woman with cherishing her body and establishing and nurturing a connection with herself. All GoldenKuumba Waist Beads are created with all natural string and lots of love with the intent of staying connected to the African tradition of adorning the waist.

Affirm Your Royalty: A Book of Affirmations for Kings and Queens

Goddess Tea has created a list of over 100 affirmations to help you grasp just how royal you truly are! Click below for a free download.

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