"Projecting the mental through a physical as we enter and explore every realm of

Art, Fashion, Poetry & Love"

Think of GoldenKuumba as a shelter; a place for you and yours to come to heal, elevate, and learn more about your true selves. Shop head wraps, find your healing essentials, commune with other entrepreneurs, and enjoy good vibes all in one place!

"Free 'dem"

- Goddess Tea

Free 'dem means to express your creativity freely! It means to free your voice, free your fears, and

Free Yourself. 


Free: not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes.

To not or no longer be confined or imprisoned.

Feeling anxious, tired, uneasy, sad? GoldenKuumba provides an array of items that will help you calm your energy, balance your essence, and align your spirit.



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Book your next manicure with

Free'dem Nails!

Support your local black nail tech!

About Our Premium Fabrics

GoldenKuumba uses 100% Premium African Wax fabrics, bought locally from a buyer who imports the authentic cloths from Ghana. Whether you are making a fashion statement, or expressing how you feel, these fabrics will do the trick.

Learn How with TEAtorials

There are an endless amount of ways you can wrap your crown! Watch or read these head wrap tutorials for simple ways to wrap your Golden Tiara or King Wrap. You will receive FREE TEAtorial prints, when you purchase a wrap.

GoldenKuumba invites you to CHURCH, a place where enterepreneurs and business owners gather together to share resources, exchange advice, and commune with one another.

Meet Goddess Tea

I am Goddess Tea, the creator and designer of all things GoldenKuumba. I am passionate about giving; giving love, giving hugs...

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Affirm Your Royalty: A Book of Affirmations for Kings and Queens

Goddess Tea has created a list of over 100 affirmations to help you grasp just how royal you truly are! Click below for a free download.

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